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Splintered bones

a bullet in the head

Everything is dead, every day is black. Word becomes flesh. Bloodied, burned, and scratched. Everything dead, every day is black. The face I wore was yours as I launched this self-attack. Hypocrite. Heretic. Blasphemer.


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I am living fire [28 Sep 2030|07:03pm]

And she's a killer, and she's a keeper. Am I blurry in your vision? Was I just a poor decision? Cut me open with precision & we'll finger the incision. Tell me what have I done(quid pro quo).

(To watch you lose control.)

All about me//Drop Box [30 Nov 2028|01:25am]

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Examples [19 Oct 2025|10:17pm]

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Current Characters [04 Sep 2024|01:38pm]

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